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Learning to Drive a Car 
Learning to Drive a Car 

Learning to drive a car is not the easiest thing in the world, it takes practice and skill to be able to have full control over the vehicle.

When you first get behind the wheel of a car it is going to take you sometime to get used to the controls of the vehicle and gain full control over it.  Our Driving Instructors know this and will look to take you somewhere quiet until you get to grips with mastering your car control.

This helps to take some pressure off you so that you can fully focus on mastering the basic lessons that you are going to be covering, so you won't have to worry too much about other road users.

Cockpit Drill and Controls.

If you have never driven a car before then on your very first driving lesson you will have to learn how to get yourself set up correctly, so that you have good all round vision and are able to fully reach the pedals without stretching for them.

Moving Off and Stopping.

Having now completed the Cockpit Drill and Controls lesson, you will now start to learn two of the three basic skill sets that are going to become the main foundation for all of your driving.  You will now be introduced to the POM and MSM routine, POM (Prepare, Observe, Move) is used for moving off safely and MSM (Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre) will be used to park back up at the kerb safely.

Approaching and Emerging Junctions.

The next step now that you can move off and stop safely is dealing with junctions turning left and right.  This will be using the MSPSL (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look) routine, you will now have to show that you can control the car around corners both approaching and emerging.  These Three core skills will then become the basis for the rest of your driving.

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Learning to Drive a Car 
Learning to Drive a Car