No Work, No Franchise Fee

Driving School Franchise

Driving School Franchise, No Work, No Franchise Fee… I Must Be Crazy Right ?


When I first started out with a Driving School Franchise six years ago I was a trainee on a pink badge working for a local franchise.

I remember always being worried that I would not be able to make my payments for my car, insurance, fuel and of course my franchise fee.

All of these expenses had to be paid regardless of how much money was coming in each month.

It’s fare to say that I burnt through a lot of my personal savings to keep my head above water in the first year or so.

The funny thing is that the franchise I was with was not giving me many students to teach.

But they still wanted their money on time every month regardless of how much work they put my way.

Was this fare ? I don’t think so, but I was stuck with them.

When things get tough you can not afford to stop making payments on your car, or you will soon find out that you will have to hand it back and where does that leave you then ?

My guess is with no business to run.

The same goes for your car insurance, stop paying that and you could find your self in all sorts of trouble with the police.

What if you were to have an accident and you had missed a payment, we all know where that could lead.

Now I can’t help out with your car and insurance payments, however what I can do is give you help when it comes to your franchise fee.

So What Do I Mean By This ?

Lets say that for what ever reason you don’t have enough work and you drop below a certain amount of hours worked in that week.

How would you feel if I said to you, “Don’t worry about paying me until we get you back above our agreed minimum working hours”.

Now how does that sound ?

Would you say Yes or NO ?

Its a no brainer right, I would have jumped at the chance to have been given an option not to have to pay my franchise fee if the company wasn’t giving me enough work.

This way I am taking all the risk and it is in my interest to give you enough work to pay your franchise fee, or you are going to start looking else where for work.

For this reason you can be sure that I will only ever take on new driving instructors when demand is greater than what we can currently supply.

What Are The Details, I Hear You Ask…

First off let me tell you what our current pricing structure is, we charge £27 per hour, £40 for 1.5 Hrs and £54 for a Two hour lesson.

We also offer a “Try Us And See Deal” which is Ten Hours for £203, then any further blocks of Ten Hours are charged at £250.

As you can see there are no silly deals like Five Hours for £56 or Ten Hours for £99.  We don’t want to attract the low quality student looking for the cheapest lessons.

We will also do a lesson price review after the New Year.

So here are the Terms & Conditions of my offer:

  1. All candidates must be prepared to work full time, no part positions available.  (Minimum 35 Hours of Driving Lessons Per Week).
  2. All Driving Instructors must be Fully Qualified ADI’s and hold a current Green Badge.
  3. Either party can terminate this agreement with one months notice in writing.
  4. Franchise fee is currently £268 per month.
  5. Two weeks per year will be free of charge at the time of your choice.
  6. You will be required to provide a tuition vehicle.
  7. New pupil referrals, A one off fee of £10.00 per pupil will be charged. (Any pupils that you source yourselves will be free of charge).
  8. New pupil referral fee will only be charged after you are above the 25 Hrs minimum per week.
  9. We will provide you with a minimum of 25 Hours Per Week or there will be no franchise fee to pay for that week.
  10. Cancellations that you still get paid for, due to having less than 24 Hrs notice will count towards your minimum 25 Hrs Per Week.
  11. The tuition vehicle must be sign written with company livery in line with current requirements. The school will cover the cost.

Lets take a look at what you would earn based on the minimum 25 Hrs.

  1. 25 Hrs at £27 per lesson = £675 per week, £2,700 per month.
  2. 25 Hrs at £20.30 per lesson = £507.50 per week, £2,030 per month.
  3. 25 Hrs at £25 per lesson = £625 per week, £2,500 per month.

Ok so lets mix it up a little, lets say you do 8 Hrs at £20.30 = £162.40, 8 Hrs at £27 = £216, 9 Hrs at £25 = £225.

Now lets add them all together, £162.40 + £216 + £225 = £603.40 per week, £2,413.60 per month.

And thats just based on 25 Hrs, its going to be a lot more if you work around 35 Hrs per week.  So as you can see, you should still be able to pay your franchise fee even on 25 Hrs of lessons each week.

If you drop below 25 Hrs in any week and we can’t get you back to 25 Hrs or above, then you pay us nothing for that week.

How does that sound to you ?

Im crazy right… thats what the wife keeps saying to me.

What I want you to do now is to give me a call on my personal mobile so that we can have a chat to see just how we can help each other out.

My Number is 07789647226

If I don’t answer then leave me a message as I will be out giving driving lessons myself, I will get back to you as soon as I can.